Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

“The best recipe for Health is to apply sweet scents to the brain”. Alexis

Welcome to the oasis of nurturing, relaxing and pampering your body and getting your body back to the full energy mode. Essential Treatments – Beauty Body Lounge  offers combination of half hour and full hour relaxation massages leaving you energized, relaxed and toned up.

Relaxation Massage is great to alleviate pain and ease the muscle tensions built up.

One Hour Relaxation Massage covers more on pressure points all over the body improving blood circulation, calming your mind and helping your overall well-being. Come and enjoy our beautiful massages in a dedicated and welcoming spaces of our Lounge and you will walk out feeling refreshed and fully charged.

30 Min Back, Neck & Shoulder Relaxation Massage


60 Min Full Body Relaxation Massage