All about Eyebrow Tinting – A basic guide to an Eyebrow Tint

Have you ever experienced an Eyebrow Tinting for yourself or know someone who has?
ow did it go?

Would you try it once after reading it??.

An average makeup routine will only take you around 7-8 minutes to get ready, but when it comes to perfecting those brows, it is quite a handful of the job. To get the perfect brows on the fleek, it takes concentration and between tweezing, clean up the brushing, and then pencilling in, the overall time adds up, huh!

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you rolled out of bed with the eyebrows as perfect as of Cara Delevingne? What if there is really a way to get that?

‘Brow Tinting seems to be the logical answer.’

 The Process of Brow Tinting:

If you stay in Melbourne, you can find many affordable beauty treatment salons that offer brow tinting services. The process starts with the expert studying your complexion, eye color, hair color, as well as the color of your hair’s roots. This helps in choosing the right shade for you. For women with lighter hair (especially blondes and redheads), the brow coloring will go about two shades darker than the roots. Also, if you already have dark hair as well as brows, it is suggested to go a little lighter. Black on black can make your brows look really harsh and heavy.

Next thing you know you have a thick layer of dye over your brows, which might give you a shock! But in a minute or two, the expert takes away the dye by wiping it and revealing a gorgeous natural-looking brow. The dye will only tint your natural brows; it won’t stain your skin so relax!

The Results

The tinting sessions are pretty quick. Also, you get your eyebrows shaped as an addition to being tinted. The whole thing generally takes about 20 minutes or so. You are almost done for two to three weeks with the tint. How good is that.!!

So, you can simply skip your brow makeup routine altogether. Little touch-up and you are ready to leave your house in no time. Your eyebrows look exactly as if you have put makeup on. The shape is symmetrical, which never happens until you pencil and fill in your brows and mind you only if you are an expert.

Paired with the brow all you have to do is put on a lipstick and it would look like you are wearing your usual off-duty makeup look (with filled-in brows to shape and colored lips). So, let people wonder.

How Long Does The Tint Last?

Brow tints typically last up to three to four weeks, but it does vary from person to person. Some people witness the tint starting to fade soon after two to three weeks. There are ways that can help you extend your Tint. Try and keep your brows as moisturized as possible. It is recommended to put serums and oils to keep the brow hair hydrated. Moisture is normally the key ingredient in keeping the color longer. It is also recommended to be gentle around your eyes. This means no using your fingers to rub your eyes or face.

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