Essential Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Essential Treatments Lilydale is a certified Bio Sculpture Nails Centre

Walk into the delightful world of Manicures & Pedicures and be pampered by our professional Beauty Therapist who will care for your hands and feet with utmost attention to detail..

You can be assured of our hygienic policy that all equipment is of single use.

Your Manicure & Pedicure will be done in a personalised service.


  • Cut & File – $18.00
  • Shape Buff & Polish – $25.00
  • Shape Buff & French Polish – $30.00
  • Manicure with Polish – $40.00
  • Manicure with French Polish – $45.00
  • Manicure with Gel Application – $55.00
  • Manicure with Gel French – $60.00
  • Gel Application only – $45.00
  • Gel with French Polish – $50.00
  • Bio Sculpture Application – $60.00
  • SNS Application – $55.00
  • Gel Removal Only – $25.00

Your FEET 

  • Soak Cut & File – $30.00
  • Shape Buff & Polish – $25.00
  • Shape Buff & French Polish – $30.00
  • Pedicure with Polish – $45.00
  • Pedicure with French Polish – $50.00
  • Pedicure with Gel Application – $60.00
  • Pedicure with Gel French – $65.00
  • Gel Application – $45.00
  • Gel with French Polish – $50.00
  • Bio Sculpture Application – $60.00
  • Pedicure with Bio Application – $75.00
  • Gel Removal Only – $25.00  

Mavex Calluspeeling

Here at Essential Treatments Lilydale, we prioritize customer experience just as much as the end result. CALLUSPEELING® is a fast, non risk, highly effective treatment for removing any unwanted cracks and callouses on the feet and can be a simple addition to the standard pedicure, without lengthening the procedure. The absence of blades eliminates any discomfort and ensures a pleasurable experience. The impressive results are achieved through the application of two CALLUSPEELING® patches and the Mavex: Foot Daily Care Cream which moisturizes and protects your feet with it’s non toxic, alpine plants and herbs infused formula.

MAVEX Treatment – $40.00

30 Minutes

MAVEX Treatment with normal pedicure – $75.00


Bio Sculpture

BIO GEL is bio sculpture’s original soak-off colour gel nail system, and focuses on providing a health-first nail gel experience.
bio gel’s success is driven by our unique approach to personalised nail treatment solution, with our range of high quality treatment nail gels that allow our skilled technicians to provide a bespoke nail treatment that matches the unique nail characteristics and lifestyle of our clients.

BIO SCULPTURE has consistently led the market in innovation since its inception, bringing to the market the first colour gel, soak off gel and gel nail sculptures.

bio sculpture is also the first company in its class to have undergone a stringent independent clinical research trial and received a 5 star safety rating*.

all bio sculpture gel products are vegananimal cruelty free, and “5 free” non toxic

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